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58 idées de tatouage sur les poignets qui sortent du commun

58 idées de tatouage sur les poignets qui sortent du commun

So, you are getting wrist tattoos huh? – I have always wanted to get a tattoo. The wrist is probably one of the best “locations” on your body for art.


Fingers. (Tattoologist)

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70+ Simple and Small Minimalist Tattoos Design Ideas


If a design has a bundle of five arrows, it usually indicates strength. A single arrow can easily be broken; however, breaking five arrows is tough.

Small an elegant tattoo x

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A herd of tiny birds tattoo - tiny bird tattoo Justin Bieber's bird tattoo - tiny bird tattoo tiny bird tattoos.

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Bow and Arrow tattoo on fingers - WHAAAAAAAT. I was thinking about getting an arrow, but a bow on my finger would be cool patterns