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>>>Dahlia Castle Drive We scoured North America for 2 years trying to find tubers for this elusive blush gem. Over 100 calls, emails and dead-end searches later we finally gave up hope on ever finding them. Then one day, out of the blue, a box of 20 perfect tubers arrived in the mailbox with no return address label. We still have no idea who shared their treasures with us, but feel incredible lucky that they did. The perfect color match for ‘Café au Lait’, ‘Appleblossom’ and ‘Bracken Rose...

Dahlia Castle Drive

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Dahlia 'Castle Drive' *Limit one per customer.* We scoured North America for 2 years trying to find tubers for this elusive blush gem.


Dahlia Formby Crest

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Dahlia 'Formby Crest' The inch round flower heads of this formal decorative beauty are a glowing gold. Blooms are weather resistant and

Linda's Baby Dahlia

Dahlia Linda's Baby

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Dahlia 'Linda's Baby' We have been on a quest to find the perfect peach dahlia for years now and ‘Linda’s Baby’ is everything we hoped for a


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Dahlia 'Maarn' A huge hit with our market customers, ‘Maarn’ features bright, cheerful orange 4 inch ball-shaped flowers.


Dahlia Beatrice

Great for cutting, the medium, orange, ball-shaped flowers bloom abundantly all season long on tall stems.

Floret_Dahlia_Kenora Lisa-2

Dahlia Kenora Lisa

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Dahlia 'Kenora Lisa' This coral-salmon beauty features formal decorative inch blooms that are extremely popular with floral designers.


Dahlia Hillcrest Kismet


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Dahlia 'Genova' This new discovery has quickly risen to the top of the Floret Favorites list this year. The vigorous, but manageable plants,

Dahlia 'Stolze Von Berlin'

Dahlia Stolze Von Berlin

Dahlia Stolze Von Berlin The small lilac-pink, ball-shaped blooms of this sweetheart sit atop long stems. Plants are on the short side, but if pinched early will produce an abundance of stems great for cutting all summer long.