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Harry Potter Mandrake Cupcakes..so cool

Bake Mandrake Cakes by baking chocolate cupcakes and placing them in mini pots. Glue plastic grass to little plastic babies and insert them into the cupcake. Finish them off by adding chocolate crumbles around the babies to look like they are buried.

Community Post: 8 People Who Prove That Hogwarts Held The Key To Defeating…

8 People Who Prove That Hogwarts Held The Key To Defeating Puberty

Six Tips for Writing a Series - Good reminders.  I wish more writers would read #1 - it's a bit of a pet peeve.

Writing a Series - 6 Secrets

What's your favorite Harry Potter book? - If you could only read one book from the Harry Potter series, which would you choose?

Hermione, Crookshanks, Ron, Pig, Harry and Hedwig

Harry Potter Trio and their pets. Pigwidgeon nesting in Ron's hair while Crookshanks tries to catch him. But Hedwig's face is just priceless

Airport Snape

Thank you for flying Air Snape. Oh wait no, I have a better pun: Snape's on a plane!