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“If horseback riding was easy it’d be called football.”

Yes let me now try to shoot a bow and arrow from a galloping horse. Because that would be awesome

historicaltimes: Italian Cavalry School at Tor di Quinto near Rome 1906

This is also how you horse in skyrim////Advanced cross country riding at the Italian Cavalry School at Tor di Quinto near Rome in 1906

Equestrian Archer Photo by: Pferdefotogafie bilderbettina This lady does AMAZING shots of horses...especially arabs ;)

Archery girl and horse. This is my near future and yes that includes a bow and harrow! Love this as an activity but gotta say that I won't be taking down any animal. :) Just hay bales!

1928-1948: Brookie, the largest horse ever recorded. “The world’s largest horse was a Belgian Draft named Brooklyn Supreme, who weighed 3,200 lb (1,500 kg) and stood at 19.2 hands (1.98 m).”

Brookie, the largest horse ever recorded was a Belgian Draft named Brooklyn Supreme, who weighed lbs and stood at hands. He wore a collar and boasted a girth measurement of 10 feet, 2 inches around. It took 30 inches of iron for each of his horseshoes.

Ready to Ride

Baby king and i. this is so sweet! and the cool thing is at alot of my horse shows you would really see these lil tykes :) Sometimes they would braid their ponies tails and curl their hair or color it pink or who knows.

I never knew this before now!  I hope this is accurate.  I thought it was interesting and am sharing it with you!  :-)

What certain markings meant for Native American war horses. (there are no tribes listed, so I have no idea which specific ones used these markings) could be a fun class lesson

The museum represents indigenous peoples of the Americas. Explore our latest exhibition, A SONG FOR A HORSE NATION.

Crow War Pony, Fine Art Photography by Brady Willette; pony painting by Kennard Real Bird (Crow). Collection of the National Museum of the American Indian.

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archerofthenorth: “ Sasha Squires: Archer, Horsewoman, Teacher [Submitted by chrislatray] ” HH: Four hooves off the ground, bow to the ready - poetry in flight

Idea for me. Take at Brityn's house. Have another one where I am pointing it at the camera.

Katie Stearns and her horse, Magic, practice horseback archery on her ranch near Arlington. Stearns has traveled the world, including to Mon. (to learn archery is on my bucket list.