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I hate deer hunting! I cried when I saw an add for a game called deer hunting where you kill animals. I wish hunting didn't exist!

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I hate hunting season. Can you imagine being a deer, elk, or any wild animal this time of year when anything that moves gets shot at? Nuts with guns ruin autumn in the forests for every living thing.

Alaskan Caribou

This was pinned as "deer", what the hell? I see this all the time calling CARIBOU, or ELK, deer? I or even moose I seen the other day labeled, "mule deer".

Buck deer

Magnificent Highland Stag, often dubbed "The Monarch of the Glen" and emblematic of the Scottish Highlands.


I'm not sure the exact name of this beautiful animal, but I'm sure it's in the Cervidae family which includes deer, caribou, moose & reindeer.

Ok so one of the biggest things on my bucket list is the raise a fawn!  They are just the cutest baby's out there!

Ooohhh my god, i'm in love! Sooo cuteee ☀sweet baby deer fawns are adorable!) don't hunt them please

Red Deer by Don Hooper                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

beautiful-wildlife: “ Red Deer by Don Hooper A Red Deer Stag in falling snow.

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The Majestic Bull Elk which when bugling, has the same effect as a wolf howling, it is that primal.