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15 Actors Who Make Awesome Young Versions Of Older Actors

There were only three things in there I didn't know about. The Hobbiton set one,  the one with Sam, and the one with the foam. However, I did not know Legolas's exact age or Gimli's exact age.

Neat facts about LotR. However Frodo was 50 not 33 when he left the shire but I'm glad Tolkien really felt Sam was the hero of the story.

Friendly reminder that Dean O’Gorman and Aidan Turner needed 47 takes for that scene: “Fili and Kili, at your service.” Because they didn’t manage to bow at the same time and because Martin Freeman was behind the camera making faces like this

So very true

The Hobbit - dat face ' who the hell is interrupting my meal.

Legolas being will turner

If you look closely while your watching Lord of the Rings, you can see that Legolas does make the most ridiculous and funny faces. He did that on purpose just to see if anyone would ever notice. JUST ANOTHER REASON TO LOVE HIM

Yup! Though those were their names in Valinor - their Middle-Earth names don't seem to have ever been fixed.

Come on, Tolkien estate, it's two words that would have made Gandalf look like he was capable of remembering stuff.

fili and kili - Google Search

The acting shots of Kili & Fili . priceless Kili angry is funny

Elvish humor

Elvish humor