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+ Amethyst geode

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Faerie Magic in Minerals. (Aluminium phosphate wavellite, High Down Quarry, Filleigh, North Devon, England.  Discovered by John Hill late 18th c and named for William Wavell, a local physician and mineral collector.) // photo by Dave Green

Aluminium phosphate wavellite found in High Down Quarry, Filleigh, North Devon, England by John Hill late c. Named for William Wavell, a local physician & mineral collector (by Dave Green)

quartz with actinolite inclusions | OBJECtify

quartz with actinolite inclusions-- forest within a crystal -- worlds within worlds - Wow! Like that's a really awesome "Window Crystal" too!


Amethyst Amethystine Flower Hallelujua Bask in the glory, harmony, and angelic energy these beautiful crystals bring to a space.

Gypsy Interior Design Dress My Wagon| Serafini Amelia| Golden Selenite on Selenite from Peru

Golden Selenite from Peru Photo : the magic faraway tree; this is also an abundance crystal


Malaquita/malachite-magnificent color palette for chocolate browns, for a deep, rich & not to warm feel


This is a much better photo to see its incredible beauty. I have the honor of having 1 of these Angelic communicators. Auralite - 23 is the name given to a chevron form of Amethyst from the boreal forest area of Canada.

raw-sunstone.jpg (526×829)

Oregon Sunstone with Schiller - Oregon, USA. Anyone else think it looks like a heart?

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Thunder Egg stone helps one to feel safe and secure in one's physical vehicle…