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Дизайн Ногтей 2018

Дизайн Ногтей 2018

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Thanksgiving is almost here. So, you may be thinking about what you are going to wear. One way you can add a fall and Thanksgiving vibe to your look is with nails. There are so many ways to jazz up your nails for the festive event. To give you some inspir

Hand painted Patrotic Nailart Design

61 Memorial Day Nail Art Inspirations For The Patriot In You

Fingernail health is closely related to the rest of your body. Different marks, colors and shapes can indicate changes in your health. Taking note of your fingernail health can help you identify illnesses early and start prevention methods.

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Summer Nails – 99 Best Summer Nails

With Spring around the corner, we go into bright spring colors like blue, orange, and pink. New nail designs and colors are always coming around and it’s time we change up our nail designs. Check out these 10 Gorgeous Nail Desig

Anna Malinko is a great nail artist from Belarus! Enjoy her astonishing creations in this gallery!

These nails look really pretty but are SO simple to do! You could also try to do it with colours other than pink. Blue might work well.

Low nail : la manucure multicolore avec ongle pailleté {love this - neutral but not boring, using two neutrals and one sparkly polish}

Christmas Nail Art Designs

31 Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas

Christmas Nail Art Designs I'm gonna need these soon when I start my new life!

Nail Art https://noahxnw.tumblr.com/post/160694685596/hairstyle-ideas

Palest aqua nails with three accent nails ; all three have a grey ombre shadow all around, two have bling and one has a sculpted flower. Perfect for the big day.