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Andrius Burba

Pictures of Cats from Underneath

Pictures of Cats from Underneath – Fubiz Media

There was one particular cat who stayed with him more than any of the others; a sleek little black one with mismatched eyes. He called her Stars, and was always a little heartbroken when he had to leave her behind every evening.

Don't be fooled by superstition. Black cats are wonderful pets and just as loving as other breeds. It's time to put an end to the stigma!

Cat from underneath By Andrius Burba

A photographer casts his lens on the fluffy undersides of cats.

He drew a smiley face in the condensation. She didn't see it. By the time she awoke, the water had run into misshapen tears on the window pane

This is my life. Between two windows. Black and white cat. Trying to sleep. My life.

The results are certainly worth the wait, because these shots are purrfect.

A Photographer Took Pics Of Cats From Underneath To Show Us A Side Of Them Rarely Seen

Avec son projet Under Cats, le photographe Andrius Burba a cherché une nouvelle manière de capturer les chats, et s'est donc amusé à photographier les fé

Under Cats – Quand un photographe capture les dessous des chats


Photographer Cleverly Captures the Often Unseen View of Cats From Underneath a Glass Table

Under-Cats: I Photograph Cats From Underneath

Andrius Burba series, Under-Cats. Burba positioned breeds onto a glass surface while he pointed his camera upwards.