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three pink hearts on wet pink counter top - Iphone wallpaper cell phone background pattern

Corazones de colores

Colored Hearts pretty clothespins - add a magnet for the fridge. iphone cover Soft Chevron Art Print Wallpaper for iPhone & iPod

Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire, heart shaped candle flame fire flames, wicks, hearts shape

Rock art, with my Dremmel dremmel dremmeL. Picture only but awesome idea. I'll need to play around with this. -LM #Stone Art

Heart-shaped things made of stone and rock. And more stone art for inspiration.

My heart, just like this.  Love begets love.

Mosaic Heart "Love Grows" by Minerva Mosiacs -- Over 50 of The Best Heart Crafts for Valentine's Day - Just gorgeous hearts to make and inspire. Even recipes!


Picture of wooden heart at an antique restroom-door stock photo, images and stock photography.