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30 Beautiful Animal of the World HD Wallpapers SET 1 - Wallpapers photo album

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Reflection of perfection. Few sights are as beautiful as a tiger. And to think God made each animal's stripe pattern uniquely created. Just as we have fingerprints that are unique to us, their stripes are unique to them.

The liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion (Panthera Leo)-female, and looking like a giant lion with blurred stripes.

World's Biggest Cat Is called a Liger ! Cross Breed of Tiger and Lion 900 pounds, 6 Feet tall and 12 feet-long Liger who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest cat. And His Name is "Hercules" :)


Mother Tiger and Cub Three of the eight tiger subspecies became extinct in the century, hunted as trophies and also for body parts that are used in traditional Chinese medicine. All five remaining tiger subspecies are endangered , from Iryna

Tiger in cobra pose!

[Bengal Tiger] ----------------------------- ** You cannot get thru a single day without having an impact on the world around you. The greatest danger to our future is apathy," [Jane Goodall - In The Shadow of Man

Two Rhinoceros with birds by Johan Swanepoel - Photo 111505643 / 500px

Rhinoceros Poster featuring the photograph Two Rhinoceros With Birds In Bw by Johan Swanepoel

Sevda Alizade – Google+

I took this photo of Maggie, a four-year old Tiger cub fishing in the sanctuary goldfish pond. She played with the fish for 10 minutes.

Tiger cubs. (via EOL) Cubs learn to hunt and kill from around six months of age but remain dependent on their mother for at least 15 months, after which time they will disperse to find their own territory. Learn more on EOL: http://eol.org/pages/328674/overview

Like the panda picture guys I was looking up baby tigers (dont judge me XD) Anyways I thought it was cute and wanted to show you guys and i founf this p. 3 Little Tiger Baby's With Momma