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Sixth Plate Daguerreotype of a Pretty Woman Wearing a Bonnet c.1850

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Gorgeous Lady with Flowers in Her Hair Daguerreotype.this looks just like my friend Dannie.

Black collar, simple jewelry and decorations leads me to believe this is mourning. Just guessing at the date.

Photo of Haymakers: Woman in Straw Hat With Veil & Short-Sleeved Dress and Both Holding Hay Rakes, 1850s

Occupational photo - probably haymakers, Woman in straw hat with veil and short-sleeved dress. (From The Story of a Seamstress: Early Print Dress) - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Beautiful girl w/ sausage curls  This daguerreotype portrait of (Anna) Miriam Bailey Easterly dated Aug 1849 may be the earliest of the Easterly daguerreotypes  -  http://www.foto-jennic.com/post    Source

(Anna) Miriam Bailey Easterly, dated August probably the earliest of the Thomas Easterly daguerreotypes .