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I love your art for albus x scorpius! can you draw scorpius in cuz of smth sweet albus did? thanks you're cool :D Answer: hey!

Resultado de imagen de lavender brown y parvati patil

meabhd: “ Don’t try and tell me Lavender and Parvati weren’t those “It Girls”, I will only disagree with you. For Femslash February ”

Pssss psss Scorbus is canon by on @DeviantArt

You know you ship them, don't lie. (Also, isn't Scorpius the cutest thing?) Pssss psss Scorbus is canon

my name is Mik.

more scorpius son i need to keep making sketches of him tho

I know this is Scorpius and Albus but they're basically Drarry Material.

Anonymous said: Scorpius and Albus (from the cursed child) in the pose if you want :p Answer: cuties!

Raven wings

Just a dump of Scorbus doodles I did the past few days! I just now realized that I had a Time-Turner replica lodged somewhere in the depths of my desk.