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Glamorous and Ethereal Bridal Style with Photography by LindseyK Photography

Glamorous and Ethereal Bridal Style

Bride Danielle's bridal style shines against the backdrop of Hartford City Hall, and LindseyK Photography was there to capture all her elegance.

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The Most Popular Wedding Photos

Veil and vintage car. Memo to self: find someone who can finagle the borrowing a vintage car for awesome pics :)

My veil won't be long enough. But this is an awesome photo.

Breathtaking photo under the veil.This is an amazing veil! I love long veils so much

Inverted bridal party shot.   center couple.  better than trad'l pose.

I really like the way they inverted the usual 'wedding party picture' by placing the bride and groom in the front! Also loving the grey suits

Recognize this Lulu?...some day, beautiful!!xoxo

timeless bridal party photo - dramatic picture of bride and bridesmaids holding her dress - black and white photography

Wedding Photography Ideas : [by Harwell Photography]

Harwell Photography - I love the poses and the shots but I NEED more color saturation than this! I hate the washed-out look.

every bride should have a pic like this, so beautiful

A touching moment. Surely the grandmother is remembering her moment as a young bride, and the bride sees her love lasting the rest of her life.


Photographer Spotlight - Los Angeles Based Wedding Photographer Roberto Valenzuela Friday, May 2012 AM

love this pic!  Does your venue have stairs anywhere?

Bridal Party Photo – love this shot of the bridal partys reaction to the bride, fully dressed and ready, coming down stairs Bridal Party Photo – love this shot of…

Wedding Inspiration

Make one special photo charms for you, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Beautiful wedding photo with an artistic touch, featuring the wedding couple in silhouette (via Awesome Photography - People and Portraits / shadow)