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Badass Big Brother by MsRain on DeviantArt

Badass Big Brother by MsRain on DeviantArt<<<< i think my heart is crying is that normal?>> I'm not sure if this is the actual dialogue

I feel like this is going to be representative of our experience tonight, dear fandom.

All the dang time. Dean is sad Supernatural - Dean Winchester - Jensen Ackles


Can we all just take a second and look at Cas's real problem in his 'life'? He just wants to be loved, and he feels betrayed when the people who love him leave. God, Lucifer, Balthazar, Dean :c


I think I would fall in love with any guy who said one of these to me. If some guy said the last one to me I would hit him in the face with a stick.<--- agreed My love for you burns brighter than Mary Winchester.

Why is Mary not there? Mary’s hot  (No pun intended )

Sam, Dean, John, Henry, and Adam.<<-- Adams last name isn't Winchester he took his mothers maiden name