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Previous Pinner: He was so excited to see her after the break, that as she ran towards him he picked her up so he could feel her in his arms and see the beautiful eyes he missed so much.

At first I thought that's a weird ass cat but then I saw the rest and was like I LOVE THAT CAT

How to use a circle and proportions of a cat face to draw male anime torso. How to draw abs on a male manga figure.

We discovered how much we had in common, including a mutual need for a comfortable place away from the chaos of life. We found in each other a kind of safe heaven.

“Hepimizin zayıf anları olur ve ağlama yeteneğimizin olması bizim için şanstır, gözyaşları bizi çoğu kez huzura kavuşturur, ağlayamadığımız bazı durumlarda ölecek gibi oluruz.”  ( Josê Saramago - Körlük )

lost drawing art girl Black and White depressed depression sad lonely eyes white pain hurt alone black broken feelings tears EMOTIONAL sadness memories emotions loneliness suffering heartbreak artistic depressive missunderstood


Be him, there best friends) I smile and hug him. He was the bad boy and I was the smart girl who was on the cheerleading team. I really liked him, I blush lightly as he holds me. ((Credit to Marie The Blonde Panda

The king fell to the ground. "No...it can't be" I mumbled tears falling from my grey eyes "Devin.," he tall man whispered loosening his dark tie "time to come with me" "no! Please help someone I can't go!" My long auburn hair falling in my eyes "you made a deal with a demon and lost sorry." "YOURE NOT SORRY YOU....YOU MONSTER!" I screamed tears running down my cheeks " please don't" ---  16 YEAR OLD GONE MISSING' headlines,Newscasts. If only the noticed me Devin thought her black eyes…

Until I draw my last breath, until my eyes close forever, I will not stop. until I hear the words "Check Mate.

this have a lot of meanings , in case you didn't understand , this is all about the mental age of the girl , like she's only and already feeling like a broken 20 years old , this is mostly because of house issues or parents issues.

Going to draw this(:

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