There is no dream house without cupcakes

Cupcakes as balloons - perfect themed party idea for the movie "Up". So sweet and cute!

How to frost cupcakes 101, with lots of pics and great tutorial. She even tells you which Wilton tip to buy

Loralee Lewis - How to Perfectly Frost Cupcakes The “Ice Cream Swirl” Methodologies Tips 826 and 806

sunshine cupcakes

Sunshine Cupcakes

you are my sunshine cupcake- made them and they were cute and adorable but have to eat them or give them away pretty quick bc candy corn starts to disintegrate and drip all over ruining them af a day or Good Cake for everyday

While I may not want something so fancy, this fondant recipe looks super simple!

Rainbow Fondant Cupcake Cups

Edible Fondant Rainbow Cupcake Wrappers Recipe and How-To.Wouldn't do it rainbow, but great to have this recipe

Over The Apple Tree: Hobbit Hole Birthday Cake @David Nilsson Nilsson Mayer and @Holly Elkins Elkins Mayer

Over The Apple Tree: Hobbit Hole Birthday Cake. This better be my birthday cake in September