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I nuovi dieci euro in circolazione dal 23 settembre

Is It Time to Rethink Your Website Here are 20+ Questions You Must Ask Yourself #WebDesign #Infographic

Is it time to redesign your website flowchart - useful, basic info for anyone considering a website redesign, and easy to understand!

divorce-Looks like me and my hubby are going to be together forever from what this says. YEs both are parents are still together =)~we both have the same religious beliefs we have two children together, both went to college and earn over 50,000. Ya for us LOL #infographics

Unique infographics representing tidbits about marriage in the United States over the last five decades. One of the more alarming trends is

L’odissea del trasporto pubblico capitolino. Cosa ne pensate?

Sciopero trasporti Napoli - Mezzi pubblici stop domani 19 marzo

Goes With: "What You Focus On Expands... Focus on The Positive."  :)

of our earth is covered with water. The ocean is a beautiful place and many creatures live in it. We must keep water clean because it is very very useful and helps us a lot and with a lot of things we do such as drinking, washing, bathing, and many more.

Carbon Footprint – Arty Infographic

Infographic visualizing the global carbon footprint. The size of the circles is adjusted to represent each countrys carbon foot print. The use of different colors over the black background creates …

3D typography

Typography with Floral Backgrounds

Hoja de ruta para diseñadores gráficos #infografia #infographic #design

Hoja de ruta para diseñadores gráficos #infografia #infographic #design

Abstract Portfolio Brochure by crew55design , via Behance

Portfolio inspiration Good: design and page layout, colour choices, and inspirational quotes To Be Better: no triangles, different font

Image via We Heart It https://weheartit.com/entry/178670797 #beach #blue #waves

Color 💙 Looking straight down as the wave crashes into the sand, the sand swirling underneath making it's own pattern of shades of the ocean.

To Help You Navigate The Stormy Seas Of Startup. Check It Out For A Few Great Tips... #infographic

The Business Startup Ecosystem - Predator vs Prey - what is your Niche? Are you a Predator, Social Marketer or Grunt Worker?