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aweeeeeee ^^

Love is cooking together. If there is only one of you who can cook, don't cook everything by your self. Ask him/her help you. Cooking moment together will bring more fun and love for your relationship.

swimming in the pouring rain

choosing to dance in the rain

There is nothing better than swimming in the rain! Miss swimming in the lake during a soft summer rain shower

How to act around your #crush. #dating

A create-a-boyfriend quiz about the love of your life! Includes how you meet him, your time dating him and the rest of your future, with your wedding, kids, and even house!

Some of these things I really want to do

"you be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground + i'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds." To dream.

Bucket list.

bucket list: Create a memory box and open it years later. it could be filled with all sorts of things from pictures to ticket stubs and candy wrappers.

So long ago, I barely remember!


I would love to, but "get engaged before I die" is somewhat redundant. I wouldn't get engaged AFTER I die.

Best.Time.EVER!! Great to do anytime, but even better when you have a lot of family around during the holidays... complete ridiculousness!!! I am still finding darts haha!

Nerf wars are soo much fun! My Brother doesn't let me touch his gun like that.

YES! I want one of them adorable relationships where we play like best-friends, and just act silly together, (Silly, yes I said it..) This type of relationship in my opinion is perfection.

Take cute kissing pictures in a photobooth. or just romantic photobooth pictures in general.

Go to a drive-in movie  (we<3it.com)

I want to go to a drive in movie, must be in the back of a pick up truck though. Lots of blankets and pillows and friends, or a significant other. We even have a drive in movie place near our house.