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This is the most inspirational thing I've ever read.

Someone from Massachusetts posted a whisper, which reads "Girls, never let men treat you like a yellow starburst. You are the pink starburst.

I say this ALL the time... then the swimmers look like the life was sucked out of them...

I say this ALL the time. then the swimmers look like the life was sucked out of them. This is for Coach Erica! But when you say practice is going to be fun.

Practice                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Where you EARN your trophies. It takes me 1 hour to get ready to go out But after a tournament I'll go out to eat in a dirty softball shirt,brown toes with flip flops on, a streak of dirt across my forehead, and messed up hair

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You have to love dancing because it gives nothing back. Except for that single fleeting moment when you feel alive.

Keep calm...

Swimming is a fun exercise I like to do in pools in the summer. I don't swim professionally but it helps me to stay physically active in the summer.

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Sometimes you need the perfect swimming quote for your high school swimmer. FREE printable just for fun.

No it's not "just swimming."

please read this whole thing if you also think swimming should be appreciated more! I'm either doing an omegle search or some type of edit contest! - qotd: contest ideas for when I hit

The one thing I miss more than anything in the world is cheerleading.

I have such an unbreakable bond with my base but she hasnt based me in awhile since i got moved to varsity but the bond will never go away because i know i can trust her with my life