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Phrygian helmet, 4th century B.C. Private collection

Macedonian or Thracian (Phrygian type) helmet, circa century BCE. Height 18 in.

Macedonian helmet ( IV e century BC) from Vitsa - Archeological museum of Ioannina

Macedonian (Phrygian) helmet, century BCE, from Vitsa - Archeological museum of Ioannina.

Aetolian cavalry (4th century BC)  Drawing by C.Giannopoulos for Periskopio Editions

"King Philip V, and Amyntas, son of Alexandros, 197 BC" Peter Dennis

Roman legion boarding a Carthaginian galley

Carthaginian Marines oppose their Roman counterparts about to board using a…

- Hoplita Tracio

Macedonian Officer with a "Thracian" style helmet by Steven Graham Walsh ~ the…

Greek Helmet with a griffin. Found at the gate of the ancient city of Stobi.    Stobi was an ancient town of Paeonia which was, later conquered and subjugated by Philip of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon.  It is now part of the Slavic country FYROM.  Slavs began to arrive in the region approx 7th century BC

An ancient Scythian helmet with an embossed griffin. It was found at the gate of the ancient city of Gorna Porta Stobi, an ancient Macedonian city.