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Love this! You could easily turn this around with animal printed skirt, white button down, and a red pullover sweater :)

Preppy uniform.

Photo (New England Prepster)

I didn't think I'd be pinning fall fashion this soon, but this is too comfy                                                                                                                                                     More

Fall fashion - green sweater, jean button down shirt, black pants, light brown boots. love the sweater (doesn't have to be green)

love the blue and white stripes, plus the shoes, maybe I'd wear a more muted skirt but I'm not sure

pink skirt, blue striped button down, statement necklace, flats. Everything in this is perfect.

navy skirt / teal purple navy plaid oxford / aqua statement necklace

laureninlilly: Hoping my dress well, test well theory helped me on my two midterms today! Wore this with tights and boots (sadly, its still too cold to go tightless)