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Wall mounted modular storage system. Kern Design.

Big cubby

Kerf Wall is a new ajustable wall mounted storage system, it's like they combined a traditional wooden peg board with the metal hook version I see in cheap department stores. This is a great idea! For a garage or a studio or even a creative store .

Memet Kalaycıoğlu.

I love the idea of turning chairs into benches, and have done so once before, but it was not nearly as well engineered as this- not to mention- collapsible?


Product/Industrial Design Inspiration

“Oyster” chair is a lovely foldable felted seat that is intended to bring a touch of cosiness to sleek, contemporary furniture. When folded up the Oyster acts as neat little cushion.

最近家の中にちょっとした時に腰掛けられるチェアがほしいなと思っています。 本日も"monograph"をお読み頂きありがとうございます。 PITE.(@infoNumber333)です。 日曜日ということで今日はアート・インテリア系の記事をご紹介。 「6474」という日本人デザイナー達が製作した面白いアイデアの椅子「PAGES」。 お洒落さと機能性を兼ね備えた、ミニマルなデザインのプロダクトです。本のようにクッションを「めくる」椅子 「PAGES」はまるで本のようにクッションが重なった一人がけの椅子。これをどのように使うかというと… こうです。 クッションを文字通り「めくる」ことによって自分の座りやすい高さや背もたれの厚さを調節できるという仕組みなんですね。シンプルかつ美しいソリューション。 人種や体型、座り方や履いている靴などによっても人の”座りやすい”高さというのは異なってくるそうなのですが、これなら都度自分の心地いい高さに調節できますね。 具体的に言うと座ってヒザを直角に曲げた時の膝から下の長さと椅子の高さがちょうど同じになるくらいが一番座りやすい...

The activity of flipping through pages has a whole new creative function as a fun seat rest in the Pages Chair. The 6474 design team created an innovative piece of furniture that allows the user to adjust the seat height and READ

Susanne Westphal, The discovery of slowness. //design d'objet //détournement de crochet //modulable //unique //nos envies //ludique //nouvelle occupation

Susanne Westphal



Cork Backpack by Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira

Cork Backpack by Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira

Inrou backpack by Rui Pereira & Ryosuke Fukusada bags fashion design 2

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Duplex Stool by Javier Mariscal

Philadelphia Museum of Art. Mariscal's acute sense of colour transformed a low-cost item, easily manufactured, into a distinctive, stamp of new Spanish design.

pixilated sticky note wall/art. Seriously would love this in an office, home or business. CARI!!!!!!

Pixelnotes Wallpaper Makes Office Fashion Meet Function

Pixelated Wall Art With Sticky Notes Wallpaper // 10 Creative Office Space Design Ideas