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Wahyu Romdhoni, aka Weer, is a young artist from Indonesia. Despite his young age, he already has his own style. His vector illustrations of animals are incredibly colorful and dynamic. See more works on his DeviantArt and Shadowness.

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Great tattoo idea for the tat I want in memory of Mamaw. She use to always play guitar to me!

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ARTFINDER: Sleeping Cat Print by Kellas Campbell - My cat was fast asleep, curled up like a round, furry pillow. I used graphite and pastel pencils and tried to capture her sleepy cuteness.

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If it the animal has a priphix of paw in the magic claw pack then it means their and apprentice's, for the fang pack if they have a prefix of tooth then their an apprentice, for the for the tiger eye pack if they have a prefix of claw their an apprentice.

Hungry Wolf Art Print

Hungry Wolf Art Print