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Contemporary Minimalism Meets Historical Asceticism in Old Jaffa, Tel-Aviv photo © Pitsou Kedem Architects

300+ Year-Old House Renovation in Tel Aviv, Israel

Beautiful and sensitive renovation of 300 year old house in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Jaffa Apartment,© Amit Geron

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The language of minimalism imbedded in a historic residence in Old Jaffa. The 100 square meter residential home is located in Old Jaffa.


Designed by Pitsou Kedem Artchitects in Jaffa Tel Aviv

Minimalist, contemporary home. Rustic yet ultra modern the stone house in Scaiano, Switzerland by Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects.

Built by Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects in Caviano, Switzerland with date Images by Hannes Henz. The original substance of this historic stone house, in the core of the village of Scaiano, consists in a main buildi.

The Poetry of Light - Explore, Collect and Source architecture

The Ramat Gan House 2 by Pitsou Kedem Architects in Ramat Gan, Israel is a contemporary family escape in the middle of an urban jungle.