brown paper packages - new york - these are a few of my favorite things

Die Neue Gesellschaft 12 - 1974 Helmut Schmid

Die Neue Gesellschaft 12 - 1974 Helmut Schmid

Lotta Nieminen — SI Special

Design Exhibitions and Exciting Arts

Book design for fashion designer KI Kinnunen’s written master’s thesis. Like its content, the layout for Faraday Suit – Vestural Retreats for Electrospheres was influenced by science and designed in line with the identity created for the fashion brand.

Anatomy book. Osteology on Behance

A Good Way To Reduce Stress Is To

Good example of a book layout. Has a bleeding graphic of skull. Osteology by Irene Shkarovska, via Behance

Impulse Theater Biennale 2013

Impulse Theater Biennale 2013

CI for the Impulse Theater Festival. For more than twenty years now, Impulse has been showing the most important independent theater productions in the German – speaking world, constantly redefining itself–much like the scene itself – in the process.

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I like the layout of this one. The lines and shapes create movement across the pages. The color is limited to mostly pink, blue, and green. There is great use of negative space.

kreativ ansøgning mediegrafiker - Google-søgning

Cute resume, although the photos feel too casual for me. Put that ish on your website, not in your resume.

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