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I can't get over this. Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins

Such cuties ahahah they look like they've been forced to pose for this (awesome) picture

And [Dean randomly dies in the shower]

Top one is my favorite.also "stares enviously at Sam's hair" and "yawns emotionally". My favorite isn't on there though. "Dean randomly dies in the shower.

Thank God for improvisation. :D

Supernatural ~ Yet, another fantastic SPN moment that wasn't scripted, Misha wan't paying attention, so Richard intervened

Supernatural - Dean & Crowley

[gifset] Jensen, Mark and the bees :) Season 9 gag reel. This war my favorite part of the gag reel

This is seriously me. It doesn't even have to include "Collins" at this point...

only like 2 other people in my school do that and i flip out every time