Fan Art - Medusa

Fan Art - Medusa

Greek Mythology tells various stories gods and characters like Hades and Athena. One more character that is also famous is Medusa, a well-known Gorgon who

This pictures depicts the theme "Retribution for evil". This picture is of Medusa. Medusa was beautiful young woman whose looks got her a lot of attention growing up. Athena turned her to a hideous monster and anyone who looked at her would turn to stone. She was banished to the ends of the earth with the gorgon sisters. This shows the horrible and eternal punishments people received for acting out to the gods/goddesses.

Another image to give an idea of the wide variety of looks Medusa has been presented to have. The only real consistency being the snakes for hair.

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MEDUSA to be punished by the gods turns stone to whoever looks at it.

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Title: Medusa Artist: Jesso A pale Medusa slithers her forked tounge from between red lips. Her snaky hair twists about her face.Made-to-order giclee fine art r