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(it's B.A.P!): Photo

[ Yoo Youngjae - B.P ] Youngjae with his hair up is the death of me (not that he wasn’t before) 😩🔥


YoungJae// omo I remember when they first debuted and I was so into them , I still love them tho ^^

"only in YG..." XD lol GD unnie and CL oppa XD

Look at GD Unnie though, she'd so fabulous and CL oppa looks like he belongs in the Mafia. Go YG!

Youngjae from B.A.P

Youngjae from B.P// and the award for 'most kissable lips' goes to.

D.O: ¡Ya no me presentes más tipos! Real_pcy:   si me dijeras quien t… #humor # Humor # amreading # books # wattpad

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Kai, EXO - One pinner said, "This boy must start to write a book about how to be hot as hell. :) --- I like his belt buckle.