Running teaches us to keep moving forward. One step at a time. Especially in the most painful moments.I have a love/hate relationship with running ;

pretty much, replace 5K with 1/2 marathon.

You know you're a runner when . SO TRUE! Lol I have more running clothes than I do normal stuff!

Getting Inside My Own Head — The Aloha Files. What happens when a mental panic starts to take over and how to overcome it before a race.

Getting Inside My Own Head

"You said 'I won't make it' a million times. You made it every time." Immediately thought of my Daddy when I read this.how many times has he said this, or a variation, to me? Always my champion!


If you put inspiring fitness quotes over pictures of drinking, they get significantly more out exertion exercise

Run to achieve, cope, be alone, be healthy, clear your mind... All reasons why I run. And why I love it.

Reasons to run. - "Run. Run to your goal. Run to be alone. Run to be part of a group. Run to clear your mind. Run to cope. Run to achieve. Run to be healthy. Run for joy. Run for something. Run for you. Just run.

It's never too late...

What people often do is they put off something for so long that eventually they will just start telling themselves it's too late. No it's never too late, a year from now you will have wished you started today.

OBX 13.1 2014 Complete!

That's how I feel about finishing the Rock & Roll Marathon's race! Never thought I would ever have the courage to try! But I did & in the time I set as my goal.

I run because it keeps me sane

very people have an idea HOW true this is for me. with an injured knee still, can't run. Equation: no running+stress= bad mood swings

What makes a girl a runner???  Photo by @Dorothy Todd Todd Beal

Photo by Todd Todd Todd Todd Beal Stransky Stransky Stransky Henkel Pearl Pearl Liu Nelson thanks Wimberly Wimberly Wimberly Peden can wait to run with you girls!

Life is better in running shoes.

or just any type of exercise/fitness/health related clothing! ” life is better in running shoes……. runner passion… join us now.

❤️ love to run

Running home from work yesterday, my body quit after the first but my mind and soul got me to miles all the way home.

Yep yep

Gonna run, ‘till I don’t jiggle. That’s the plan.

Morning Runs

If You're Running and Aren't Losing Weight, Try This

Early morning runs are my favorite kind of runs. It is in those runs that I pound out any of yesterday's baggage that still may linger while I enjoy the sounds of nature waking up to greet me. Yes, early morning runs are my favorite kind of runs.

If you're looking for a gimmick or an easy out you're going to be very disappointed and waste a ton of money.

Day 7: Things that Go BOUNCE in the Night

You dont need diet pills, slimming drinks and weight loss gadgets. all you need are running shoes, a sports bra and determination! It's true! I've lost 30 lbs since October, just running!