By alica19 on FlickR  No real name given: I'd love to give this artist credit but all the captions are Russian. Really beautiful beads

textured polymer clay beads by would love to make a bracelet with these beads ~XV

Rustic Polymer Clay Heart With Pearls

Colors leaning more to a woodland fae heart, this polymer clay pendant is hand sculpted by me. It has very much the nature feeling to it. The me here is not Crafty Mama. That is my disclaimer.

tutorial - Polymer clay beads textured with crepe paper | Starting from top, and clockwise ^-^1. Condition polymer clay to good soft degree. Roll a basic bead with your hands 2. Wrap the bead in a piece of crepe paper 3. Shape the bead by squeezing it gently with your fingers. 4. Unwrap - here it is, your future flower bud,  5. Vary your squeezing to arrive to different shapes 6,7 You may use pastels/chalks to add colour gradients to your beads before baking, acrylic paint after baking

Polymer clay tutorial by Anna Jour: Polymer clay beads textured with crepe paper. Would make perfect corn husks.

beads textured with salt.  Not in English, but can get a good idea of how it is done by good pictures

Sostarivayut beads with salt) - Polymer Clay for Beginners. Master classes on…

More Mokume Gane

Master class Mokume gane, and other equipment. How to make a heart out of polymer clay - Fair Masters - Tutorial | Faux Slate Necklace | Polymer Clay Necklace imitating Slate, a very elegant necklace, diese schlichte, aber edel wirkende Kette imitiert Schiefer, sie sieht toll auf einfarbiger Kleidung aus (z. B. einem schwarzen Leinenkleid), genau richtig für den Abend

MARGIT BOHMER-GERMANY polymer clay "The key to my work is color, especially rainbow colors, and the love to ethnic beads from all over the world, especially from Africa and Tibet.

Large elasticized bracelet of polymer faux-stones (one with sterling studs) by Kathleen Dustin from her carved stone series. Longest bead is