May 1994 vandals-took-the-handle: “Dylan Alphabet: J Bob and Joni Mitchell ”

A small segment of Joni singing with Bob (who. - Joni 'n' Bobby

George Harrison and Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan and George Harrison Dylan was both a friend and hero. "George used to hang over the balcony videoing Bob while Bob wasn't aware of it, Bob would be sitting at the piano, playing, and George would tape it and listen to it all night.

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell looks out a window of her Laurel Canyon home in October Guardian: Joni Mitchell: the sophistication of her music sets her apart from her peers – even Dylan

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joni mitchell and david crosby laurel canyon 1968 amazing grace

Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Robbie Robertson, 1976.

Bob Dylan Through The Years

Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Robbie Robertson perform at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco on November