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Gotta try sometime. Making California Rolls. These are made with imitation crab, so there's no raw fish. Good for the pregnant gals and those afraid to eat real sushi.

Dragon Roll Sushi

Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll Sushi Recipe- Yes this is so good! Had dragon rolls from zen in Lawrenceville and they were delicious!

Roll your own sushi at home - so easy even I can do it! Photo Tutorial

How To Roll Your Own Sushi At Home

Celebrate International Sushi Day by rolling your own sushi at home! Great party activity - Click the image for recipe and tutorial!

Sushi Rice and California Rolls Recipe

Everything you need to know to make the best California rolls: Perfect sushi rice, dips, sauces and secret techniques! A full step-by-step photo tutorial! -love california rolls, not so much sushi though.

California Sushi Rolls {Make them yourself} so much cheaper. Step by step photo tutorial.

Mommy's Kitchen - Old Fashioned & Country Style Cooking: California Sushi Rolls {Make Them Yourself} good pictures and tips

Salmon and Avocado Sushi

Salmon and Avocado Sushi - Ang Sarap (A Tagalog word for "It's Delicious")

California Sushi Rolls and Salad Sushi Rolls

The inside-out sushi roll has the rice on the outside of the roll rather than the inside, coated in roasted sesame seeds. The California Roll has nori, cucumber

You want to know a secret? I LOVE sushi. No, not the sandbox kind of love, it’s SERIOUS love. If I could, I would eat it everyday for the rest of my life. When I used to live in San Diego, I think ...

Add thinly sliced raw tuna and green onions on top and instantly have restaurant quality sushi! Also recipes for dynamite sauce, unagi sauce,baked volcano roll, caterpillar roll and more!