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pepper-and-coffee-crusted carpaccio, topped with arugula, served with Chili Pepper Mead

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A-Z Of Global Burgers

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Smoky Chipotle Cheddar Burgers with Mexican Street Corn Fritters

Smoky Chipotle Cheddar Burgers with Mexican Street Corn Fritters

Smoky Chipotle Cheddar Burgers with Mexican Street Corn Fritters-Recipe at Half Baked Harvest

Squid Ink Sal­mon Burger       When I was in Lis­bon this year I tasted the most amaz­ing thing: a squid ink sal­mon bur­ger. Not only did it look freakin’ cool it tasted even bet­ter. The squid ink is subtle, yet com­pletely notice­able and integ­ral. The fla­vour, which I can only describe as being “the sea’ or hav­ing a ‘seaness’ trans­forms a simple sal­mon bur­ger into a fant­ast­ical delight – there really is some­thing quite fun in eat­ing a black burger.     The squid ink…

Black Salmon Burger

Taste The Rainbow.

Breathtaking photography and even though I don't know what this is the knives and the food looks amazing. As a lover of meat, I would love to try this!

Panzanella Style Caprese Asparagus Salad | halfbakedharvest.com @hbharvest

Panzanella Style Caprese Asparagus Salad

I think this is a good representation of my long-term goal of graduating from a culinary course. It depicts an intermediary stage between graduation and the beginning of a career in that field.