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Yes and the woman in the cover is River XD

The Doctor fancies his wife who is a character in a book, but he doesn't know that.

The Doctor pretending to be Sherlock Holmes

The Doctor is rubbish at deducing. {gif} xD << favorite scene, Thanks Moffat :) do you have a goldfish named collin? <<< I think Moffat does have a goldfish named Collin

“Installed in 1991. Three inches of steal lining every single wall. They’ll never get in.” “And how do we get out?” “… ah.”

“Installed in Three inches of steal lining every single wall.” I LOVE THE NINTH DOCTOR

Mmm... yeah it is 11 it really is.

What do you mean 'it doesn't do wood?' The sonic needs a wood setting lol

"This breaks my heart because 11 is quoting River, remembering what she said to him the first time they met. And River only said it the first time to 10 because she remembers 11 saying it.

He even toys with his actors! | 25 Reasons Why Steven Moffat Is The Biggest Troll In Television

Moffat and Matt Smith on death… at Comic Con Matt, here's some water for that burn.

Just watched The Angels Take Manhattan. I cried a lot, I knew the ending would be sad, but wow.

This episode made me cry. Then again, like all Doctor Who episodes make me cry. But I sobbed in this one.

I'm going to start this. If you want to see my answers, follow my board "30 Day Challenges" :)

30 Day Challenge - Doctor Who - I will so do this. Maybe over the summer when I'll remember to do it every day.

doctor who

doctor who

[DOCTOR WHO] Rory Williams Quotes This was done awhile ago... the website points out his best lines are great responses to others

[DOCTOR WHO] Rory Williams Quotes. This was done awhile ago. the website points out his best lines are great responses to others


O Beautiful For Spacious Skies Doctor Who Sci-fi Series Fantasy Cult Tv Series Meme

NOPE NOT CRYING *cries silently in corner*

This is adorable. Karen Gillan on being there for Matt's final scenes as The Doctor.