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And Tom Hiddleston, and Chris Hemsworth's muscles, and Chris Evans' muscles, and Robert Downey Jr.'s comedic timing, and Joss Whedon...

Avengers Meme - Bring it, Batman. this is tooooo funny. Avngers, Batman, AND How I Met Your mother?

Iron Man quotes from the Avengers, he shoulda been a comedian

“Now, I’m going to hold up some photographic illusions, and I want you to say the first word that comes to your mind.” More Loki!

I Would've Gone For "Insanely Smart And Incredibly Good Looking" - Loki, I Was Thinking The Same!<--I would've said "Insanely smart, good-looking and sassy"

Some of the best Avengers moments.

I love these quotes from The Avengers. I love how Steve sounded so excited because he understood the monkey reference and Thor didn't. One of my favorite lines:)

No one on the internet or real life knows how hard I laughed when Bruce said this line.

When Bruce thought the Shield Helicarrier was going under water, then when he gets surprised by going in the air.