Father Ostrich With Son

~ Taking a Walk With Mom ~Ostrich, of course-I guess baby need not fear, since the mother would likely peck a predator's eyes out!


My Dad used to raise ostrich and emus. They would peck at nail heads on the fence post and gulp and swallow as if they actually ate something! So funny!

funnywildlife:  Ostrich Chicks in Etosha National Park Namibia by Artbandito on Flickr.     Carrie Cizauskas

Ostrich Chicks seeking some Etosha National Park Namibia by Carrie Cizauskas

ostrich nest eggs images - Bing Images

Male ostriches do most of the rearing of the young, and teach them how to hunt.

Ostrich chicks

Los 17 hermanos más adorables del reino animal

Ostrich chicks - Travelling to South Africa with Via Volunteers opens the door to amazing wildlife encounters.

The Law Of The Wild says "Kill ONLY when you are hungry." And they say humans are more civilized than animals...(La Ley de la Wild dice "matar sólo cuando termine tienen hambre." Y dicen que los seres humanos son más civilizados que los animales ...)

The Law Of The Wild says "Kill ONLY when you are hungry."

"Law of the Wild, just kill only when hungry" We as humans (the higher species of animal - appenetly) should really learn from this as we kill for the pleasure of killing.

Pinguins in the trenches

Cool snow ペンギン (jp) Pinguin (de) penguin (en) 펭귄 새 (kr) manchot (fr) pinguino (it) pingvin (se) pinguim (pt)葡 pingüino (es)西 pinguïn (nl)荷


such a big family. They really have a full house.or should we say tree?

Wooo that's far enough ye there ok.

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Baby Penguin Chick: "Mom ~ these wings of ours ~ can we actually fly with them?