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La spagnola Cellnex punta su Roma per un polo dell'innovazione tecnologica Tra i principali programmi di innovazione in corso Cellnex, che tra l'altro è in gara in partnership con F2i per aggiudicarsi le torri di telefonia mobile di Inwit messe in vendita da Telecom Italia, #digitale #innovazione #professioni #roma

Wind, quattro player in lizza per accaparrarsi torri

What a beautiful, endless universe. And people think we& alone out here! How many worlds are there? Will we ever find out?

Masuda-no-Iwafune. Exactly what is this stone carving? What was its purpose? No one seems to know. It is massive & there are several more like it in Japan.

Japan: The Mysterious Monoliths of Asuka Nara and the 800 tons "Rock Ship" of Masuda.

9/11- I watched a program about a man who was driven to find out who this gentleman was- because of the resolute dignity of his fall. They think he was a Windows on the World restaurant employee. I cannot adequately express all the emotions I feel when I see this photo. God bless him.........

One of the most powerful photos ever taken (in my opinion); a picture really speaks a thousand words. This photo was taken of this man falling (or leaping) from the World Trade Centre, September 2001 ~ The Falling Man

The Meta Picture

Funny pictures about Creepy embalmed girl. Oh, and cool pics about Creepy embalmed girl. Also, Creepy embalmed girl.

Seventh Son

Seventh Son