Switchfoot. Lyrics. Not a tattoo person but this would look pretty cool actually

"Open up your fists / This fallen world doesn't hold your interests / It doesn't hold your soul / Daisy, let it go" - Daisy by Switchfoot

The 14 Prettiest Geometric Tattoos You Ever Did See via Brit + Co.

The 14 Prettiest Geometric Tattoos You Ever Did See


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Mama Tried to teach me better but her pleading I denied. That leaves only me to blame 'cause Mama Tried ~Merle Haggard

Put the Texas flag behind it, lose the flowers, well maybe one yellow rose and have it say "Daddy Tried"

Would be nice...

I wish we were all born with tattoos identical to our soulmates so we could find each other rather than waste our time on people who don't care about us. this sounds like an awesome idea for a book. Haha call me crazy but I would read it.