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As a young child, I remember the very, very long Greek Orthodox liturgies of Holy Thursday. We called the day Great and Holy Thursday. Other faith traditions name it Maundy Thursday; others the Thu…

Seven Sacraments

7 Sacraments of the Holy Catholic Church: Marriage is a Sacrament! I have been blessed to have had 6 (yes, of the 7 sacraments.

The Holy Eucharist

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the invisible thing, became visible? From The Catholic Study Fellowship.

A host can also be exposed on the altar in what is known as a monstrance, an ornate vessel similar to the one shown above, for public worship in what is called Eucharistic adoration.

Jesus Christ in the #Eucharist

Missing the Mystery:eucharist When God works miracles (and, yes, He still does), it is to help our faith – but not by doing the heavy lifting for us. Such extraordinary occurrences are intended to awaken our faith to the ordinary working of His grace.

Mass Appeal: How the Traditional Mass Engages All Five Senses

"Mass Appeal: How the Traditional Mass Engages All Five Senses," Brian Williams, The Catholic Gentleman ~ Wonderful article!

Our hearts are restless until they rest in Him, says St. Augustine.

On Loneliness