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Tyvek brown paper bag

The classic Brown Paper Lunch Bag. Tear proof, leak resistant, heat insulating, and magnet sealed.

Brown Paper Bag - Insulated Lunch Bag

Tear-proof, leak resistant, highly durable, insulated, with sturdy double magnet opening.

The Power Nap Head Pillow - The pillow allows users to tune out their surroundings, creating a dark, quiet microenvironment ideal for achieving a deep, restful sleep whether stranded in a crowded airport or recharging between meetings at work.

Alton Brown is a spice range for blind and visually impaired people. The logo, created by Swedish Hampus Jageland, reads the same for the blind and sighted with A as one dot and B as two.

I have to say that I like the contrast - real gold leaf and a basic paper bag. I think I could do something with this idea. DIY Gold Leaf Lunch Bags or party favor bags, Products Useful for Life

Lollia Hand Cream

At Last: a soft, powdery floral with hints of southern magnolia and demure mimosa. Treat yourself to a fragrant soak in Lollia's lush bubbles, scented with delicate aromas and infused with skin-nourishing ingredients.

Pochi-bukuro ぽち袋 - There is a word "Kokorozuke" (gratuity) in Japan. It express your sense of gratitude. When you hand money over to someone you can show your heartfelt appreciation by using "Pochibukuro" (small paper envelop) in Japan

How to Make a Pillow Lap Desk

Perfect for high school students and college kids living in dorms, a lap desk is essential! Use a thick, comfortable cushion to keep the heat from the laptop fan away and making it extra comfortable!

Dicas de lanches saudáveis para a lancheira escolar

Lancheira saudável na escola reflete bons hábitos alimentares de casa. Saiba como variar o lanche da criançada.

Project 2- Arabic Coffee Packaging

A embalagem como ferramenta de marketing Nubia Spa Vert / Packaging for a new skin-care line line using natural, bio ingredients by Alex Nereuta

11 Coolest Shopping Bags

This is a very clever packaging design, with the wires of various pieces of electronics turning into the handles of the bag. The bright yellow color of this unique design makes it very eye-catching.