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Mass Effect Andromeda squadmates by Hidrico Rubens

Mass Effect Andromeda squadmates by Hidrico Rubens: Quite possibly the best photo of Ryder I've seen.

Visiting the memorial.

Visiting the memorial. I usually don't go for Liara-Rom, but this is good

Deadly Combination by BarbDBarb

Liara and Femshep models extracted/converted by Omni-blade model extracted/converted by Melllin Suppressor model extracted/conv.

Mass Effect - Miranda by secondchildrenASL on DeviantArt

Miranda Lawson - Arrogance is chìc ^^ One may find her pesky, but I adore her, haughty, pretentious, unreachable arrongance (though justified imho . Mass Effect - Miranda

Jack by ~Aestra on deviantART  Manipulation with photo of Keira Knightley.

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Ashley Williams by Deelane #masseffect

Number one fan image of Mass Effect's Ashley Williams on deviantART for many moons. Wonderful piece of art by Russian artist Irina.