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Typography Wall Art - When in doubt dance it out inspirational print - word art - teen, tween art - wall decor - girls room art - Dance Art

keyboardist-and-bassist-in-front-of-audience-rock-band-with-senior-musicians-on-stage-at-blues-rock-concert_ekh8qd19__S0000.jpg (320×180)

keyboardist-and-bassist-in-front-of-audience-rock-band-with-senior-musicians-on-stage-at-blues-rock-concert_ekh8qd19__S0000.jpg (320×180)

caution exposure to music may cause sudden outbursts of Joy, Happiness, Energy, Creativity, Awareness & Spontaneous Healing   Handle at your own risk!

"I believe in music, it's the food that feeds my soul. Country western, boogie woogie, gospel, rock and roll.

10.jpg (1510×1000)

10.jpg (1510×1000)

Esta sexta-feira, o maior palco do recinto tem como cabeças de cartaz os Mumford and Sons. e

Nos Alive. Segundo dia com "The Prodigy" como cabeça de cartaz

The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Stage Fright http://takelessons.com/blog/how-to-overcome-stage-fright-z02?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=Blog&utm_campaign=Pinterest

Nervous about an upcoming performance? This guide will take you through WHY you feel anxious, how to overcome stage fright, exercises to try, and more.