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*POMPEII, ITALY ~ The House of Paquius Proculus (Pansa) on the south side of the Via dell'Abbondanza Pompeii was excavated in Remains of 7 children were found inside one room. Mosaic floors surround the impluvium.

Mosaic columns from Pompeii - Naples, Archaeological Museum . The Glass Mosaics at Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Pompeii, House of Venus in a Shell. On the rear wall of the peristyle are three large paintings on a blue background. The left hand painting is of the god Mars shown standing naked on a plinth while holding a lance & a shield.

Wall Frescoes From 'The Villa of Mysteries'  --  Excavated from Pompeii

Amazing frescoes in Pompeii; this one is the second Pompeii-style, as it represents almost real-life architecture

Fourth Style Roman wall painting in the Ixion Room (Triclinium P) of the House of the Vettii, Pompeii, Italy, ca.

*POMPEII, ITALY ~ "House of Centenary at Pompeii" - Water-colours on Pompeii by Luigi Bazzani (Bologna - Naples Archaeological Museum - Exhibition until 6 January 2014

Ercolano (Herculaneum, destroyed with four other cites in 79 A. after the eruption of Vesuvius. Pompeii is simply the most famous of the five.

*POMPEII, ITALY ~ Roman wall-painting found in Pompeii, now preserved in the National Museum of the city of Naples (Italy), representing Medea, moments before the killing of her own children

A 2,000-year-old ancient Roman laundromat open to public for first time

Pompeya La Casa de Fabius Amandio. Pompeya abre al público 6 nuevas 'domus' · National Geographic en español. · Actualidad

Ares and Aphrodite; from Pompeii- Napoli, Museo Archeologico

Roman Fresco -- Depicting Ares & Aphrodite -- Excavated from # Pompeii -- Belonging to The Archeological Museum, Naples