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they'll never see me here... (this is soooo like my best friend's cat Inky! he thinks he's invisible during the day!)

30 Cats That Are Spying On You



Pro-cats-tination ~~ pretty much a nightly routine at my house

Cat love Wicca. Always wanted a black cat, had him for years now.  Best cat ever!

~Black Cat Prayer~ I am the black furred cat. No evil is within I am the same as other cats underneath my skin Please help me to dispel this bad luck myth I bear Not just for me I pray but for Black Cats everywhere.

Azo mooi ...

People are so incredibly stupid thinking something as beautiful as a black cat will bring them bad luck! Bad luck is not having an open heart and mind!

This cat is as ready for sandal weather as we are!

If the shoe fits. Cat humor, "I'm Cinderella! Cute little kitty with his whole body fitting inside sandal. My cat tries to fit in shoes.