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B/067 Aura-Soma Inspiration

Kämmererite Turkey: environment: contact, hydrothermal, & regional metamorphism of mafic minerals

Aura-Soma Inspiration The wisdom of love. To see the essential Self Any unrequited love of the past can be released as we let go into the wisdom of love which values all living forms

B/109 Aura-Soma Bottle. These bottles are beautiful and amazing how they work!

B/109 Aura-Soma Bottle. These bottles are beautiful and amazing how they work!

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Aura-Soma Inspiration - Archangel Tzaphkiel The creative absorbency that may be accessed by each of us. The sea of consciousness opens before me as I let go of the past.

Aura-Soma inspiration for your home

Aura-Soma inspiration for your home

Aura Quartz iPhone 5/5S Wallpaper. Find more on my blog at - Illustrator Portfolio!

Rainbow Aura Peacock Quartz Crystal Cluster by Fender Minerals ~ ❦ CHRYSTALS ❦ semi precious stones ❦

This is gorgeous, but the thought of dusting this is exhausting.

An altar is an ever-changing, constantly evolving sacred space. It can be as small as a matchbox or it can fill up an entire room. Your altar is a place where you can centre yourself, meditate, work m

Opal Aura Quartz

bijoux-et-mineraux: Opal Aura Quartz - Arkansas The unique colors come from a thin layer of platinum, which is molecularly bonded to the qu.

Pyrite Dubrovsky Mine, Saratov, Russia

Pyrite replaced Ammonite, Dubrovsky Mine, Saratov, Russia- looks like science fiction, futuristic nature!

and a big rock of Opal to carve also would be awesome. Freeform carved Queensland boulder opal

Boulder Opal specimen from the Bull Creek Opal mine near Quilpie, Qld. Australia, by Dieter Rosenkranz