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ine  How impres­sive and inspi­ra­tional are these paper cutout masks by Pine? I am not sure I would have the patience to piece together suc...

10 DIY Cardboard & Paper Masks for Halloween


Paperform was one of eight international paper creatives invited to submit an initial design for the 2012 Second SKIN mask contest launched by Arjowiggins Creative Papers, based in France. Here is my entry >> Title: FUTURE // PAST

Wounaan woven mask

Wounaan woven mask

Brandon Stanciell

“Unity”Modeled by Joshua Sanders & Nicholas Larsen Photographed by Brandon Stanciell

BaKongo mask, Rep. of Congo

of Congo

Paper Mache Recipes, Masks & Projects | Paper Sculpture Ideas

Paper Mache Recipes, Masks & Projects

Mask melds – Cosplay meets avatar meets concealed identity in an age of privacy concerns. From opera posters to MacDonalds ads, this trend is popping up everywhere.

Marie Rime - Symmetrical State

Patternbank were drawn to these stunning photo collages by Swiss photographer and artist Marie Rime . In one of her latest projects Symètrie de Pouvoir', R

Phyllis Galembo

New York-based artist PHYLLIS GALEMBO has been documenting masquerade and carnival-based practices around the world, and she is most celebr.

Komuso (Japanese bamboo flute) - 1904 - Julian Cochrane. A komusō was a Japanese mendicant monk of the Fuke school of Zen Buddhism, during the Edo period of 1600-1868. Komusō were characterised by the straw basket (a sedge or reed hood named a tengai) worn on the head, manifesting the absence of specific ego. They are also known for playing solo pieces on the shakuhachi.

Komuso - 1904 - Julian Cochrane

religion and funny hats! basket-headed komuso, members of a zen buddhist sect who went from door to door asking people for alms. in exchange, they would offer to bless the homes and rid them of evil spirits.