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20 frases de exitosos que empoderaran tu liderazgo:  Puede ser su filosofía de vida, la cultura de su empresa, una enseñanza de niño o un simple pensamiento del momento. Estas frases te ayudarán a empoderar al líder que llevas dentro para hacer de él, un ejemplo a seguir.

20 frases de exitosos que empoderaran tu liderazgo

Abu Dhabi overtakes Dubai as Middle East’s most networked city

This employee motivation program will help supervisors and managers create a more dynamic, loyal, and energized workforce. http://www.dalecarnegie.co.uk/more_motivated_employees/

Are you employees happy? Are they as productive as they should be? If not, here are three tips to improve employee morale in the workplace.

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5 Great Questions that Reveal a Toxic Company Culture | CareerBliss You can't just ask, "So, what's your company culture like?"  This resource offers five appropriate questions which do address "what's your company's culture".

A job interview should be a two-way street. A lot of times, candidates are determined to convince hiring managers that they’re the right fit without taking a second to think….

Acti-Labs (formerly ActiDerm) is launching March 2016 in the United States and later this summer in Canada.

When you look at an ad and see more of the business owner than the product they are selling, does that make you shake your head? Well, Mad Lady Marketing doesn't like it and in her latest blog post, she explains why. "Get Out The Way Of Your Product!"

Eco Chic in Plymouth, Mass - Owner David Fuss gives great tips for artists on selling to retail store buyers!

Take these (non-verbal) cues about interviewing.

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Google engineers are encouraged to reawaken their inner child while at work.

Which Company Works In These Offices?

EMEA Engineering Hub in Zurich - I would like to work somewhere with a slide!


I get asked to dinner parties a lot. Mainly because I have a job that involves being sociable. People think I want to party all day and all of the night; that I can light up their evening with interesting conversation and my permanent smile .