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☆༺Ꮧ Ꮥᙢaℓℓ ɬᎧᏇᏁ Ꮹiཞℓ☆༺

remember we used to go for the tiny A rootbeer on a warm summer evening. One of my best memories.

60's Brownie Girl Scout

I remember this style Brownie scout uniform when I was in second and third grade. It was better looking than the gack green junior scout uniform I wore later on.


It is like walking into a diner and the waitresses there are a HOOT!

Mom Collected Blue Chip And S&H Green Stamps For Redeemable Merchandise?

S & H Green stamps! and Blue Chip Stamps.redeemed for wonderful things like irons and toys and other neat stuff. yes, i forgot about the blue chip, mom would redeem for grocery discount as books got filled up.

Chenille Bedspreads - does anyone else remember being on your grandma's bed and picking one tiny bit of fuzzy stuff at a time out of these soft blankets? My poor grandma!

Teardrops, I love these and Shiney Brights that were popular in the 50"s, I inherited my Moms, I look for them everywhere!!!

12 Vtg Indent Teardrop Spiked POLAND Christmas Ornament Lot

Teardrops, I love these and Shiney Brights that were popular in the I inherited my Moms and my Grandma's. These just bring back so many Christmas memories.

Dubble Bubble Gum....so hard to get during WW11

Description: 1953 FLEER'S DUBBLE BUBBLE GUM vintage print advertisement "treat the Kids" -- treat the Kids on Halloween with Double Bubble. Can still imagine the taste!