the abstract girl in the abstract wood

Work in progress linocut keyblock carving. Hoping to get the other half done by the end of the week and start on the color blocks.

Tone Bros. (scheduled via

25 Great Typographic Designs

In From up North's typography galleries we once a week present the latest of our findings of great designs using traditional typography, lettering and

Nuklheads by Tom Grunwald

Nice illustration and lettering. Nuklheads by Tom Grunwald Not to be confused with knucklehead Refers to a person of questionable intelligence. The size of the brain being given relative size of a human knuckle.

We cannot control the wind, but we can direct the sail.

enough words in Punk Rock Princess or the tagline ('Style, spirit and a sense of adventure') to work in something like this? Back in 5 Minutes Typography Exhibition by Clement de Bruin, via Behance